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I have been told there is one common mistake which many people make when they decide to improve their bodies. This mistake is to not begin with adequate preparation.

The most essential step in preparing to embark on a home workout program is to have a complete health clearance from your doctor.

If you decide to join me on this journey I want you to ensure you have no health or medical problems that need to be addressed before you start.

My plan is as follows:

Early simple steps are:

I am going to try and keep to the following rules:

The Diet

I am going to use a Diet Meal Replacement Shake with a high protein content, fresh chicken, beef, and fish along with the usual fruit and vegetables. Cheese and nuts in moderation.
I am going to read the label! Avoid low fat items and look for reduced fat, low carb, high protein. Anything that is more than 2 grams of sugar per serving will not go in the shopping trolley.

The Exercise

I own a dog and a bike so I have two obvious options. I will at minimum do a 30 minute dog walk every day. I am also lucky to have a gym in the building I work in so, I may even use that from time to time but I would prefer to get into a home training regime with something like a Power Band and if I can find the time try some yoga!

According to the internet my calorie expenditure should be a max of 2900 per day for my age and you need to burn an extra 500 calories to lose approx. 1lb of fat. 

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